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Hear from some of the best surfers in the world about HYFI technology and performance.

Ace Buchan.

"I knew this was going to give me that extra spark” - Ace, breaking down the HYFI he rode on the way to the final in Brazil.

Julian Wilson.

J-Dub at home, doing some seriously fun (and fast) R&D!

Joel Parkinson.

"I think the speed coming out of a turn is what I love the most. You can feel when you’re half way through, it doesn’t bog down – it just accelerates more, which makes for fun surfing.”

Dusty Payne.

"You can look at places on the wave that you wouldn’t imagine getting to normally, but with these boards and the projection you get off the bottom, I was flying through sections that I didn’t think I would make otherwise."

Julian Wilson.

"Any time you want to generate your own speed and create your own excitement on a wave, I think this is the board you want to ride."

What is HYFI?

New tech, new feel, and a whole new type of fun.


Purchase the new HYFI BLAK BOX II online here.

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